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nba star sues vegas resort over ‘beat down’

This is economical media structure and cost you reduced per GB rival many other magnetic and also optical media forms. The higher capacity and rapid speed help diminish the quantity of capsule for further use, along with the quantity of tools, space and labor connected by means of tape centered storage operations. The actual rapid data transfer rate can save your valuable time which is require during storage and healing processes, the entire functions are enable to diminish the total number of cartridge, and also significantly decrease the costs.


Firs of all great job, enjoy your baby twins: They are a great gift. It might all show up a little bit overwhelming, though some planning maybe you have a beautiful twin nursery within your budget. stone island grey trousers Twins are incredibly special, with a unique bonding unlike distinct siblings, and such a blessing.

There have also been studies of patients together with depression developing acne after being treated together with stone island grey trousers certain antidepressant drugs. These cases have not been proportional to either acne medicine or antidepressant drugs, but there are some that believe they’ve found substance evidence hinting in the direction of a connection. For the time being, even so, the medical community is still skeptical.

These pandering political figures, and the people driving it, don they realize there youngsters killing themselves above this kind of stuff? Or do these heartless bastards not necessarily care unless it was their own kids? Committing suicide affects the entire school, and can affect complete communities. But these people don care right up until it someone they understand. GSAs have been found to substantially lower suicide rates, bullying, and lower self esteem of Gay and lesbian youth in schools.

I also have spyware and adware bytes, spybot on it. A friend associated with mine attempted to work HighJackThis on it. However, it might scan and then give up out of nowhere.

The average shirt worn by way of a man is typically built to serve a purpose: like a covering. It gives defense, and acts as a temperature regulation mechanism. Nevertheless, even in these styles primarily aimed at realistic use, there can be identified a lot of trends in fashion.

However this laptop is famous and realplayer have been in here. They are returning to work it again later. I suddenly saw my own mobile phone was no longer on FB which is now on my phone therefore is FB with a ?.

The are really hard to beat for your price. I was more than happy with the sound quality. Furthermore, i like the fact the Marshmallow ear foam can a fantastic job of securing the ear canal and they don’t easily fallout stone island grey trousers while walking as numerous do that I have tried out.


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kcw and me: BelleHello fellow KCW’ers! It’s Melissa from a satisfied stitch and I’m honored to have been motivated to reflect on what KCW way to me. It was, needless to say, a surprise to hear that will Meg and Dorie tend to be moving on and it’s been recently hard to avoid experience a little sad only at that kinda-sort-of-a send off. Big sigh. That they stone island combat trousers sale worked so hard to generate an inspiring, nonjudgmental, creative community and the results are evident. In their wake they leave hundreds of people who make youngster’s clothes and talk about them and hundreds (maybe more?) unique clothes for kids. What an accomplishment! As depressing as it is to see all of them step away, it is equally as exciting to find out what the uber-talented Julie from the Chez Nous will do subsequent!Looking backI can scarcely believe it myself but I started participating in KCW this year before it got it’s own site and was run on Meg’s site Elsie Marley. I’m gambling many of us did! That amazes me to think that will I’ve been a part of virtually any challenge since then…that’s five years of KCW!! That of a revelation it was previously to discover a whole world of talented sewing bloggers. Most of whom I observed and admired coming from afar and others whom became real-life friends. Over all these years, I am pushed, stretched along with inspired to try producing complicated and difficult items of clothing i never would have tried without the backing of an supportive community….welt pockets along with jackets; button-down tops and also elaborate sweatshirts. Those accomplishments in the world of children clothing lead me personally to venturing out in to making my own clothes as well.

Kid’s Outfits Week kept the actual steam in my motor and the making stored happening, the laundry basket filled with clothes I had made. While my boys obtained older, their style changed and they no longer wanted woven shirts…so I stretched into utilizing knit fabrics, some thing I was so scared of! As I eased in to working with knits, I started your tradition of making all of them pajamas. By the way, stitching with knits is so easy, Irrrve never should have been intimidated!Now that they are more mature, they prefer Star Wars/Pokemon/brand-driven tshirts and stripy sports slacks to the ones I make them. I’ve had to reluctantly respect their very own self-expression. But, they even now request the mama-made jammies and love the tradition of a brand new pair of pjs.

Another night, we were looking at in bed and they each popped up on an knee to look over at us. I saw their own matching striped arms in fabric I’d chosen for their passion for animals and thought my heart melt. With the cuddliest, quietest part of the day they were wrapped comfortable and tight with what I stone island combat trousers sale had made for these people. It was a moment brought to me directly from KCW. As well as, I kind of anxiety thinking about how many of people moments are available in the world thanks to this fantastic-ly simple challenge. Is not that a week of stitching an hour day may give birth in order to so much great joy?! The internet can be a location of cruel comparisons…my unfinished and messy existence compared to your well-curated, stunning one. But KCW features managed to avoid turning out to be that kind of position. Lead by Meg’s excellent honesty and upfront nature, it’s a location where we acknowledge mistakes, celebrate achievement and soldier in.

The FutureThe future! A real perfect theme to get a perfect moment. A single secret little factor I love about KCW is actually it’s subtle subversiveness. Whenever I make the guys an adorable and unique in-the-world couple of matching pajamas I truly do an internal take that will Hanna Anderson. From my head to my hands, it all pours into the outfits I make for our boys to become a thing so much more than just clothing. It’s love and also time and thought as well as creativity. What KCW ways to me is the multiplication of this great energy through everyone who is participating. Most likely those things rocketship out in the universe and type something amazing!Can’t wait to see in which keep growing into the long term! Yay for Jules! may 2016melissathe future

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Sweeney for Winners: Platinum Medallist & Cyclist Ed ClancyDual Gold Medallist and Bike owner Ed Clancy

British Cycling has become associated with the wordsinspiration and involvement; do you think you’re going to play a role in getting people to participate in cycling from now on Perhaps while i retire. I think we’re already inspiring stone island black trousers kids to acquire on their bikes and that’s a good start. I’ll do a handful of participation programmes involving kids and the talent team at English Cycling, but at the moment I’m just enjoying operating my own bike too much. I want to keep doing in which for another four years, but as soon as I finish cycling I want to a thing back into the sport. It’s given me so much. It’s altered how I feel about life so I’d love to convey a bit back into riding a bike when I’ve finished.You mentioned the next four years same goes with Rio in 2016 definitely in your sights Going into Manchester I wasn’t so sure stone island black trousers how I’d feel soon after. I figured that if items hadn’t gone so well I’d continue to have my medal from Beijing. Now I’ve got my second gold it’s wise to go for a couple far more.Cycling and the velodrome became a centerpiece during the Olympics. Can you describe what the atmosphere was like inside In terms of the achievement essentially it was the same as that which you did in China but it just felt like so much more carrying it out in front of 7,000 people. It isn’t a ton but the atmosphere in that room was so tight. The top was so low on the particular velodrome it was just like walking out of a night club – your ears ringing! It was a really special ambiance and it’s fair to say we’ll never have anything that way again.And compared to your current win in China four years ago – better or the same I think it was better. Certainly it was my 1st gold in China, but being able to discuss this gold with my friends and family members and the people involving Great Britain was better. It’s the place I’ve grown up and I’m quite patriotic. It’s vital that you us that we’ve a home Olympics to accomplish our thing in top of the home crowd.Dave Brailsford discussed the preparation your cycling team got – even special bedroom pillows for each athlete – do you think that attention to depth made sure the team ended up being absolutely ready for that Olympics Absolutely. For English Cycling the Olympic games is the only thing that really matters. The particular performances you noticed at London Next year were the result of the way you go about our training and preparation. There wasn’t any stone left unchecked whether in gear, the way we were slumbering and what we were eating and drinking. We put all our own eggs in the Olympic container and it came excellent again.It was a fantastic time to be involved in cycling with the Tour delaware France setting the actual scene for the Olympic games – it was going to be a new summer to remember for British Cycling wasn’t that Bradley definitely kicked off the feel good factor amidst British Cycling and while he doesn’t ride Staff Pursuit with us any more I remember him fondly from Beijing. This individual was quite an inspiration for me and Geraint Johnson at the time as the more youthful lads of the team. It was great to find out him go off and win the Visit. It seemed similar to an impossible challenge and so i think that inspired the complete of British Cycling and the way we think.So today you’ve finished are you still training or having a sleep I ploughed straight into training after Beijing and looking again six or seven months post Beijing I regret failing to take my foot off the gas, so I believe I’ve not got a whole lot to lose by having a bit of time off now. I do believe I’ve got time to swagger about in gold shoes before I buy down to the serious training for Rio!How do you walk your own personal path I cycle in the first place! I think it’s important to choose your own route rather than follow others just like sheep. I’m quite well famous for not towing the road and having my own ideas in training. Provided you’re happy doing what you’re doing then that’s all that matters.What makes your toes curl Cabbage, broccoli, plants sprouting up – anything green. I’m not big on preparing salads and vegetables.Whose shoes would you like to be in for the entire day Your shoes obviously! I’m rather happy just becoming me to be honest. You can’t change who you are thus just try and be very glad being yourself.

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London Hostels – Inexpensive and Charming We all know just how pricey vacation to London can be, in case you’re thinking of spending some time within our glorious capital come early july and you’re keen to hold the cost as low as possible, then look no further. We’ve acquired 5 terrific hostels to recommend that will make your own stay both low-cost and charming:

E James Backpackers hostel, Earls Courtroom, London

With suites from £20 a night, St . James Backpackers is a family-friendly hostel with welcoming workers, modern décor and wonderful breakfasts. Situated near Earls Court docket underground station, you’ve obtained the rest of London when you need it.

The Dictionary Hostel, Hackney, London

Based near the more and more trendy Shoreditch High Street and merely a fox trot faraway from Hoxton Overground railway station, the Dictionary Hostel offers are living music, great breakfasts along with a knock-out roof terrace. What’s best of all is that you get all this for just £15 a night!

Clink78 Hostel, Noblemen Cross, London

Easily close to St Pancras Intercontinental Station, Clink78 offers a self-catering kitchen area, mens stone island trousers vibrant décor and, should you fancy yourself another Celine Dion, there’s even a karaoke night to obtain on board with. All of this comes to a very neat £12 a night

Generator Greater london Hostel, Russell Square, London

Providing bold and fashionable décor, hipster vibes and some wonderful value food, it’s hard to go wrong with the Turbine London hostel. Delightfully close to hotspots Russell Square as well as Covent Garden, this one comes in at just £10.50 every night!

Palmers Lodge Hillspring Hostel, Willesden Green, London

Very near Wembley stadium, the actual Palmers Lodge Hillspring hostel is ideal in case you’re down to watch a number of footy. Renowned for its warm and friendly staff, it also boasts a stylish bar, excellent value food as well as, with Willesden Green Jubilee Collection station mens stone island trousers nearby, you’re connected to the rest of the city. mens stone island trousers This for just £13 per night.

(Phrases by Paddy Crew)

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This season renowned Japanese accessories content label Porter celebrate the 80th anniversary of founder Yoshida Kaban’s very first collection. To enjoy this milestone good results stone island combat trousers Porter open their save to a carefully curated collection of the world’s premiere developers and luxury product labels.Each were invited to reinvent about three of Porter’s signature pieces. Among the selection are historic Italian knitwear house, Missoni; British institution, Designer; M/M Paris and complex clothing giant Stone Island. The co-lab authorized the Porter team to watch their silhouettes morph in stone island combat trousers a series of refreshed icons, destined to take their invest the label’s vast save.For their part in the co-lab, Stone Island decided to re-craft Porter’s signature backpack and also Boston hold-all into pieces built with their trademark technical precision and also advanced fabrications. Constructed from Stone Island’s sturdy, incredibly light cotton, finished with a very durable polurethanic coating – guaranteeing they’re the perfect fit with regard to Stone Island’s functional cosmetic. This coating makes the cotton which has a suede-like texture in a soft shade of ice grey, trimmed together with subtle touches associated with graphite. A sophisticated take on a sensible silhouette.Each piece is actually crafted with Porter’s specific attention to detail. Built in Japan simply by their master artisans, adhering to the house’s dedication for excellence in every areas of construction, the baggage artfully blend both brand’s trademark handwriting, culminating in one of stone island combat trousers the must-have collaborations of the year.

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spring inspiration: stylesI’m so excited for you cream stone island trousers to meet this kind of season’s contributors. We’ve got an extra awesome group this time. They are bursting with creative energy! They will get you so enthusiastic for KCW you won’t manage to sit on the couch-you’re going to have to get up and sew! The first contributor is actually Jen from A Jennuine Life. Jane is an cream stone island trousers amazing and productive artist, with a couple of darling daughters to sew for. And she’s got some super excellent pattern ideas for you today: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Hi!  I’m Jenn from A Jennuine Life and I am so excited to access share with all of you throughout this season of Kids Garments Week!Since a theme of Mini Myself has been introduced this kind of go-round, I thought it would be entertaining to try to find females patterns and corresponding children’s patterns to assist you realize your Mom and child trend statement.  I already have a minumum of one of these women’s styles, or store-bought items which will work in their place.

First of all is one of my personal faves having recently produced two of these for my daughters- the Bimaa Sweater from LouBee Clothing.  This pattern is really versatile with cowl, shawl collar, or perhaps hoodie options and it works for both boys and girls.  A great Mother coordinate to the Bimaa may be the Renfrew Top from Sewaholic Patterns.  Maybe make these inside elbow length to spring them upwards a bit as a transition garment.  Look how both patterns had dog prints in their listings – what a koinky-dink!

As there are a easy breezy dolman tee.  Abby at Sew Much Ado has been sort enough to provide both girls’ and adult patterns with the same shape in the Skipper Top for mini, and the Seafarer Best for me (or almost everyone)!  The Skipper Top is charged as a girls’ shirt, but I don’t know why it couldn’t benefit boys just as easily.

Spring where I live in The state of michigan still requires layering until oh… about Summer, so a great sweater comes in really handy.  The kid’s Slouchy Cardigan coming from Heidi & Finn finds a great companion sized for Mom in the Julia Cardigan coming from Mouse House Designs.

I have two girls, so I have to include a great dress pattern.  Having already made me personally a Washi Dress from Made by Rae, it seems may well choice to include the similar Geranium Dress, also coming from Made by Rae.

We can’t neglect the bottom half, and so i included the Small Fry Skinny Jeans from Titchy Threads.  This is another adaptable pattern with alternatives for a half fly or perhaps a zip fly, two different pocket alternatives, shorts or jean length and two waistband options.  I’ve heard great things about the Jamie Jeans from Called, and they look like these people have a flattering line.

And finally, I thought a nice coat pattern that would work effectively for spring i knew it would have to be the Downton Duffle Coat through Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop to go along with the Albion from Colette Designs for Mom (as well as Dad!).  Maybe make this from a bright twill or even water-resistant fabric to make it an excellent light raincoat.So there may be my pattern motivation for your mini and for yourself!  Time to start planning! april 2014guest postjennine

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Four England Followers and a Dog Walk to the World Cup With regard to CharityHaving currently brought you the history of one filmmaker hitch-hiking via England to South america for this summer’s World Glass, we now bring you 4 friends who are producing their way by walking while raising money for an amazing lead to.

Four England fans and a dog have embarked on a gruelling 1966km trek across South usa on a mission to boost money to deal with drought in Brazil and to get the chance to discover England play within this summer’s highly anticipated World Glass.

The Walk around the world Cup team * made up of Adam Burns, Donald Bewick, Pete Johnston and Ben Olsen — set off from Mendoza, Argentina in March 1st and they are currently en route to Porto Alegre, Brazil – a journey that will take them through 3 countries and 28 towns and villages over Eighty days, before coming in the host area in time for the action.

The actual foursome, who are pulling his or her bags and items along on playing golf carts, have also been accompanied by an unlikely spouse, Jefferson, a stray canine who took the shine to the team before intently pursuing them along the route.

The viewers took Jefferson under his or her wing by giving the black Labrador their own England shirt anf the husband has since ended up a popular figure in his own right, enjoying simply a good jump in a new puddle (which the class blame for Jefferson’s first bad smell).

Walk around the globe Cup aims to increase £20,000 for the M de V Disciplines Care Trust, which will allow the charity to develop a new water effectively in Bahina, north eastern Brazil, which is struggling its worst famine for more black stone island trousers than 50 years. Your drought has influenced ten million people as well as killed more than a million cattle, making this undertaking a great way for the lads to experience Brazil even though giving something time for area and scattering a positive message.

The inventors are constantly uploading movies and photographs from their legendary journey to their Facebook black stone island trousers page and we critically suggest you go follow them as they are topical, entertaining and inspiring.

If you want to donate for this amazing cause you will make donations via text message, simply text WTWC66 and your donation amount, both £5, £10, £15, £20, £50 or £100 to 70070 as well as head over to their JustGiving site.

The group are also looking for a home for Jefferson, your ‘best dog in the world’, upon their arrival in South america and would like anybody who may be able to help to email them at

For more information about Walk around the globe Cup visit:

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Outdoor Research Tested simply by Judy – Helium Jacket : the deluxe K-way Tweet I am Judy Murphy. I sing, cook, write, translate, study, ride my bicycle, and play football. I’ve also been known to carry out crazy things like plant trees for summer season on end. I’m from Victoria, N.C, and have lived in Montreal for just over a year.This is how I roll…with my HeliumBecause of lack of rain, I couldn’t test my Helium hat outside, so as an alternative I took it in the shower – it’s definitely waterproof. However, I wasn’t able to go bush-wacking within it and could not examination the durability of the content, but I have faith (providing you don’t go head-diving into a blackberry bush). My favourite component stone island green trousers about my coat is how red it can be! Just kidding. Even with my obsession with the color red, my true favourite part could be the little tiny bank account the jacket is inserted to. It’s the size of my fist! This means I can go anywhere with me possibly stored in my back pack, stuffed haphazardly directly into my purse, or even clipped to our fanny pack through the loop on the store pocket.The Helium stowed rolling around in its pocket

Made of ultralight, waterproof/breathable Only two.5-layer 20D Pertex® Shield DS ripstop textile, the coat is indeed light you barely feel it. Likely to adjustable hood, the drawstring at the waist, the zippered chest pocket, and also taped seams. They weigh less than 200g. Before I had this jacket, I never realized how large a regular raincoat is to pack in a backpack. The compressibility of the Helium stone island green trousers really astonished me; I can’t delay to have it on hand always. This is definitely the fastest, lightest way to protect oneself from a sudden climate change. And even with a humid day such as today, the jumper breathes well.Outdoor Research Women's Helium Coat

I have no problems about this jacket. Someone said to me these people wished there were side pockets and that it inhaled better. The concept can be light, simple, as well as fast. Pockets as well as pit-zips add weight. The napoleon pocket is big sufficient for credit cards along with keys, and the stash pocket for the coat acts as an inside pocket when you’re wearing it. Additionally, rain jackets are not going to breathe like soft shells. I was advised it was a lightweight, mesh rain jacket. That’s what exactly I got and I love it.


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Hand-Stitched Leaf Stencil eTeeAfter my wonderful retreats at Alabama Chanin in Florence, Alabama last summer and again this summer, our obsession with AC-style stitching is unrelenting—not driven, but really relaxing and gratifying.The inspiration for this t-shirt originated from the over-dyed and overlaid stenciled pieces Alabama Chanin has wear old quilts. Understand the Alabama Chanin website of these beautiful and one of a kind quilts. Here at the Sewing Workshop studio, we have these special knit panels coming from Dolce and Gabbana. This fabric has been here for many years grey stone island trousers and I think we outgrew the necessity to have man chest on our tank top with the Quench My personal Desire motif. Time for grey stone island trousers you to soften the natural man up!!!

I downloaded the New Foliage Stencil design from the Birmingham, al Chanin website and taped the pages together.

The beds base fabric with the guy motif was the good news is light enough to view the stencil design through, so I could change where I wanted to set the leaves. I made use of the Sewing Workshop down load e/Tee pattern and remove the shirt front.

I then made yet another paper copy with the portion of the stencil I wanted to use. In this case it was pages 7, 8, Nine, 13, 14, Fifteen, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, and also 27, and taped them together again.Using the fantastic product, Sulky KK Year 2000 Temporary Spray Mastic, I sprayed the back of the second paper replicate and laid this kind of on fabric piece of Alabama Chanin lightweight natural and organic cotton. The mastic provides just enough bond for the paper to stick without a tacky mess on the fabric.

Doing work in sections, I cut out the needed leaf motifs.

Using the original stencil sheet and grey stone island trousers also knit panel being a guide, I arranged the cut out foliage and used adequate Fusi-Web to keep them in place just before stitching.

Using a couple of strands of adornments floss, I did massive running stitches around the inside of each theme to permanently have them in place.

Now the pec-man continues to be sufficiently subdued peaking out of behind the plants.

I used the same wine red lightweight knit to chop out the rest of the eTee and assembled.

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#3: Top 5 outdoor photography tips from Arc’teryx Twitter update So far Arc’teryx stone island navy trousers has trained us that you can acquire powerful photos utilizing anything that can take a picture, and that often sticking to golden guidelines, in this case the rule of thirds, is important.  When John is shooting pertaining to Arc’teryx he travels throughout this wild world, and his third idea will help you when you perform same.3. Carry the right equipmentYes, a camera is vital, but if you are walking into the depths of the back country to snap a few photos of yourself or perhaps your friends, make sure to pack appropriate equipment.  Arc’teryx enjoys making products that succeed in the harshest situations in the world; therefore, to be able to capture this John is often taking photos over these conditions.  Initially I thought Mark was joking, but he firmly explained that if he will be capturing in the pouring rainfall, then he almost always delivers a golf umbrella. You can shoot for hours on end with a dry digicam, not so with a hefty, water-filled paperweight stamped Canon.Photo credit: Brian Goldstone Per Arc’teryxBe prepared is his or her point. If you are heading out in the rain bring a shell, waterproof boots and warm attire.  Heading up to the Chic-Chocs for you to shoot your friends throughout waist-deep powder? Bring snowboard gloves to keep cozy, but don’t forget to bring thin, dexterous ones to use even though manipulating the camera, as well as perhaps a waterproof bag as well as pack might be to be able.Brian is a big fan of the MX glove, as well as other models like the Tactician glove to shoot  during winter conditions, as he can control his digicam without removing these people.  In winter he will keep himself warm even though waiting for the perfect shot with the Cerium LT Hoody- at 850 loft down, along with lightweight/packable it does not take up just about any space when he is hiking up to a summit for a photo period.  No matter the season, they always carries a light-weight shell to throw over if the climate turns bad.  Even throughout summer it will get cold in the mountains in the event the sun goes down, thus Brian always carries his trusty Atom LT whenever sunshine disappears.Photo credit score: Brian Goldstone / Arc’teryxThis stands for camera equipment.  Brian won’t like getting in the particular athletes face thus his opts for a new zoom lens, his preferred and most-used being the 70-200mm.  You may be right in the action simply by zooming in from a distance like John, or by using a contact lens of short focal length at a significantly closer range (he had an 18-35mm handy). You might need both, but if you do not possess the space or budget, choose wisely depending on your style.Ironically, certainly one of  Brian’s biggest challenges on his shoots is when the weather is too bad or, wait for that,  too good.  How do you do the shoot for waterproof covers if it is sunny along with 40 degrees? In either case he brings appropriate equipment to take the greatest shots possible. At times getting the best photo means going out at the worst time, and when you are for those conditions then you’re sure to take the greatest pictures, as seen by some of brian’s shots in horrible climate.  This tip also stone island navy trousers represents those 4am shots of an sunrise (in this case an espresso is the best tool).Photograph credit: Brian Goldstone Or Arc’teryxBrian’s next suggestion swings back to the technical. Find your camera’s manual…You can read his previous photography tips the following and here.Or perhaps head straight to tip #2 here.Until next time-M

Ps: here are a few pics I snapped although out with Brian (regrettably our weather was perfect).Out firing with Will Stanhope, an extremely pleasant fellow and talented climber.